Our Fogliatonda

A grape of the highest quality

Research and care for a unique wine

Foglia Tonda, by its nature, needs a regulation of the productive load, an operation we carry out through green pruning and selection of the bunches, in order to obtain a very high quality grape.

The harvesting of the grapes and the selection of the berries are scheduled every year in the first ten days of October, with manual harvesting. For the vinification and the first part of the ageing process we have chosen to use terracotta and, in particular, the splendid Orci of Impruneta. In this way, what we have achieved is a double result: to keep unaltered and fresh the characteristics of the vine and to create a link between the clay soil where the vine is rooted and the clay of the jars where the wine matures.

Our Fogliatonda wine is aged for one year in jars and then it is refined in bottle for about 12/18 months.

The final product is a wine of inestimable value, which is recognized in its uniqueness by the progressive numbering of every single bottle

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The "Treatise for a Universal Ampelography"

Giuseppe dei Conti di Rovasenda identifies the Autochthonous Vine in Baron Ricasoli's Castello di Brolio among more than three thousand vine varieties


Grape Varieties

Foglia Tonda is inserted in the National Register



University Recognition

Foglia Tonda was officially recognized in 1978 by the University of Florence.


Podere Ema

Our first experiments with Foglia Tonda begin




Podere Ema produces the first bottles of Fogliatonda in purity

Puro Toscano Podere Ema, experience and love for Tuscan wine.

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