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The constant daily work is the result of unique values and ideas on which we decided to invest. Enrico Calvelli and Marco Stucchi, founders of the Company, have focused on a project that has come to life from the need to discover their own land, enhancing its uniqueness.

“It was 2001. A dinner between technicians and producers, in full rush to replanting vineyards in the areas of Chianti and Chianti Classico. More debated topic: the best placing layout and, above all, which international variety was preferable to plant. It was very fashionable in those years to “copy the French”, both in the planting mode and in the selection of varieties.

But this choice certainly led to a homologation of taste, at the expense of an added value resulting from the diversification of areas.

We talk, we disagree, we compare, we debate: it was precisely on that occasion that among the many, some small and “daring” producer began to think differently, considering that “copying the French” was not the right way to enhance the Tuscan territory.

A shared reflection, which immediately led to the search for solutions to make wines produced exclusively using native Tuscan varieties. Soon it came to the consideration that over the years the ancient varieties, carried on in the course of history, had been forgotten and consequently the desire was born (united with the curiosity) to rediscover them.

The occasion came from a University project, then continued for several years, aimed at the rediscovery of those largely unknown varieties. This was the origin of the attempt, not without difficulty, to plant a small experimental vineyard with 1000 rooted vines of 12 minor autochthonous varieties. After the third year, and throughout the next five years, they were harvested and micro vinified separately.

Analysis, selection and evaluation thus determined the most suitable varieties for our project, which from that moment came to life: the Puro Toscano.”

Puro Toscano Podere Ema, experience and love for Tuscan wine.

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