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Wine tasting in the heart of Chianti

Here at Podere Ema, we open our doors to a world of conviviality, warmth and tradition, surrounded by the breathtaking Chianti hills. We are proud to welcome visitors to a unique atmosphere, completely set in the timeless beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Here, our close connection to the land and wine culture shines through in every detail of the Podere.

Do you want to discover our wine?

The Charm of Our Vineyards

On this tour you will have the opportunity to experience the charm of our vineyards and discover the richness of the terroir, which is reflected in the quality of our grapes. 

During your visit you will have the opportunity to explore our vineyards and gain valuable knowledge about their cultivation process. We will then enter the cellar and accompany you to discover the winemaking and ageing techniques.

The value of Podere wines

You will find the real treasure of Podere Ema in the glasses of wine that we will share with you. During our wine tasting, we will lead you to discover the authentic flavours of Tuscany. Our wines made with passion and care will tell the story of a land brimming with millenary traditions.

Preserving the Local Wine Heritage

Here, wine culture is an authentic local heritage, and we are proud to preserve and share it with you. Every sip of our wines is a journey through time and tradition. We are committed to passing on this heritage to future generations, so that the