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An Adventure of Passion and Innovation

The Birth of our Winery

The history of Podere Ema, a winery since 2001, is a witness to passion and innovative vision. In a dynamic viticultural context in the heart of Chianti, our founder Enrico Calvelli decided to embark on a unique path. At a time when the dominant trend was to emulate the French, both in the planting of vines and in the choice of varieties, Enrico wanted to think in a different way. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure for our winery.

Podere Ema and its land are

Tuscany's Rediscovery of Terroir

The Search for Roots

During the company’s development stage, there was a fervent debate between technicians and producers, which focused mainly on the choice of planting layout and the preference for international varieties. However, Enrico felt that emulating French practices could homologate the taste of wines, to the detriment of the diversity of Tuscan areas and territoriality. This common reflection drove them towards a different direction. The awareness that many of the ancient Tuscan grape varieties, handed down through history, had been forgotten drove them to a passionate desire to rediscover them, giving them new life.

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The Dream Comes True

The Birth of
Podere Ema wine

This dream of authenticity and rediscovery was realised when, through a university project, a small experimental vineyard was planted with 1000 rootstocks of 12 minor indigenous varieties. After the third year of growth, and throughout the following five years, these varieties were harvested and vinified separately, a process that made it possible to identify the most suitable ones for our project.

The determination to rediscover our roots and enhance the richness of the Tuscan territory has become our mission. A journey undertaken with passion, to celebrate our land through every sip.

Celebrating Tuscany through every sip of our wines, which tell the authentic story of this land and its oenological heritage.