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The Wines

The cellars of Podere Ema are the starting point on the wine route that leads from Florence to the heart of Chianti. Today Podere Ema is a cutting edge winery and produces high quality wines, expressing the peculiarities of the different terroirs of the estate.

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Its history has its roots in the mid-1800s, when it emerged from among over three thousand existing vine varieties. Initially, the Foglia Tonda, was considered an oenological treasure, but over time, it was eclipsed by varieties considered ‘easier’ and better known. Only in the 1970s was this vine rediscovered and restored to its true value.
Today, this vine, with its all-Tuscan heart, is cultivated in just twenty hectares scattered throughout the region. It is a vigorous plant with imposing pyramid-shaped bunches, which finds its area of choice in the Chianti hills. Foglia Tonda ripens slightly later than its better-known relative, Sangiovese, which is why it is harvested in the first ten days of October.


We began our journey towards authenticity and rediscovery when, thanks to a university project, we planted a small experimental vineyard with 1000 rootstocks of 12 minor native varieties. After the third year, we started to harvest and vinify these varieties separately for the next five years, to identify the best ones for our project. From that moment, the adventure of our winery and our wine, called Podere Ema, was born.
Our mission was clear from the very beginning: to rediscover our roots and enhance the richness of the Tuscan territory. With passion, we have dedicated ourselves to celebrating our land through every sip of wine, thus telling the authentic story of a region rich in winemaking traditions and its heritage in the world of oenology. Our efforts have been focused on the valorisation of half-known varieties and the creation of a wine that best expresses our terroir.

Our wines

Native grape varieties represent an heritage for our region with centuries-old wine-making traditions. Among them, Foglia Tonda stands out as a wine pearl, a symbol of authenticity and quality. Its history and unique characteristics make it an icon of Tuscan oenology, expressing the bond between the land and wine. Foglia Tonda embodies the Tuscan winegrowers’ commitment to preserve regional wine traditions and the beauty of Tuscan wine-making roots, remaining a pearl of authenticity in the wine world.

  • Our Wines

    “I’Bianco” is a wine produced by Podere Ema with 60% Trebbiano and 40% Malvasia del Chianti grapes carefully vinified at a very low temperature in order to enhance the varietal characteristics. Perfect as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to light, typically summer dishes, which enhance its freshness.

  • Our Wines

    Rosso Ema is made from a Sangiovese base accompanied by indigenous vines in varying percentages depending on the vintage. An easy-drinking young wine, it is an excellent match for traditional Tuscan dishes.

  • Our Wines

    “I’Rosato” is a wine produced by Podere Ema with 100% Sangiovese grapes vinified through a very brief contact between skin and pulp at a controlled temperature, which determines its light pinkish hue and enhances its floral and citrus notes well balanced by acidity. It is excellent as an aperitif or in combination with white meats, fish and lightly seasoned cheeses.

  • Our Wines

    ‘Nocchino’ comes from the desire to create great wines using only indigenous Tuscan grapes that enhance the concept of ‘Puro Toscano’. The blend includes Sangiovese, Foglia Tonda and Colorino in varying percentages depending on the vintage. A wine of intense ruby red colour, great structure, with a marked fruity note supplemented by spicy notes.

  • Our Wines

    “Fogliatonda” comes from the desire to create great wines using only native Tuscan grapes that highlight the concept of ‘Puro Toscano’. Fogliatonda is produced with 100% Foglia Tonda grapes, a centuries-old Tuscan variety rediscovered and appreciated for its oenological potential. Podere Ema vinifies and refines part of the Foglia Tonda grapes in Terracotta Jars of Impruneta, to reaffirm and enhance the peculiarities of territory and tradition as a whole.